Mangrove Jack's M31 - Belgian Tripel Yeast


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Provides a fantastic complex marriage of spice, fruity esters, phenolics and alcohol. It is also very attenuative with a high alcohol tolerance making it perfect for a range of Belgian styles.

  • Yeast Characteristics: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
  • Recommended Temperature Range: 18-28c.
  • Killer Factor: Sensitive.
  • Performance Characteristics: 5- High, 1- Low.
  • Attenuation: 82-88%
  • Flocculation Rate: 3
  • Compaction: 2
  • Dry Weight: 93-96%
  • GMO Status: GMO Free.

Aroma Characteristics: Belgian Tripel has a fantastic heavily fruity aroma, married perfectly with light spice and esters it is massively complex, spicy, estery and phenolic.

Flavour/Mouthfeel: Belgian beers fermented with this strain will finish phenolic and dry, they will also exhibit fruity and very complex ester characters. These characters exhibit a beautiful marriage of spice and fruit estery alcohol goodness,

Higher Alcohol Beers: With an alcohol tolerance of 10% ABV, this strain is not suitable for very high alcohol beers, but is ideal for Belgian Tripels and Trappist style ales up to 10% ABV.

Suitable For: Belgian Trippel Style & Trappist Style Beers.

Weight: 10g