Harris Vinbrite Filter Kit


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Filtering wine is the only way to ensure your wine reaches the professional clarity achieved in commercial wines. Wine is more stable when filtered and far less likely to re-ferment when bottled. Filtering removes debris from your wine, which will improve the maturing process and will not adversely affect the final flavour of your wine in any way.

Filtering spirits ensures extremely clean wash & removes all of the yeast cells which could otherwise break open and release off flavours during boiling process. This will maximise the effectiveness of any added carbon, helping to achieve a purer spirit flavour. Vinbrite can also be used to filter any final spirits which develop a haze.

Pads compatible with this kit are Crystalbrite Pads & Prime Pads.

Kit includes:

Filter Body, Support Disc, Locking Ring, Funnel, Vent Tube & Tap, Spanner, Transfer Tube, Flow Control Clip, Filter Pads and Filter Instructions.