Hedgerow Wine Kit 4.5 Litres - Full Wine Kit


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Use this Wine Making Kit to turn your fruit into wine, only sugar and water to add.

  • Makes 4.5 Litres (6 x 750ml Bottles).
  • Includes wine yeast, nutrients, pectolase, stabilisers, finings, acidity regulator, wine maturing, oak extract and tannins.
  • Up to 1.3kg sugar required for the 6 bottle kit & 6.5kg for the 30 bottle kit.
  • Full instructions included.

Try adding Grape Juice Concentrate/Enricher for extra flavour.

1 x Demi John

1 x 5L Bucket

2 x Airlock

2 x Bung

1 x Syphon

1 x Steriliser

1 x Hydrometer

1 x Thermometer

1 x Trial Jar

1 x Hand Corker

12 x Corks

1 Gallon Hedgerow Wine Kit

Small Bag